Wto Agreement Technical Barriers To Trade

Recognizing that developing countries may face particular difficulties in the formulation and application of technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures to technical regulations and standards, and desiring to assist them in their efforts in this regard, 6.3 Members are encouraged to be prepared, at the request of other Members, to negotiate the conclusion of agreements on the mutual recognition of results. r to include the conformity assessment procedures of both sides. Members may require that such agreements meet the criteria set out in paragraph 1 and that they be mutually exclusive as to their potential to facilitate trade in the products concerned. 2.6 With a view to harmonizing technical regulations as far as possible, Members shall participate fully, to the extent possible, in the development of international standards for products for which they have adopted or plan to adopt technical regulations, through the appropriate international standardization bodies. 2.9.2 communicate to other Members, through the Secretariat, the products to be covered by the proposed technical regulation, together with a brief indication of their purpose and rationale. Such notifications shall be made at an early and appropriate time, where changes can be made and comments can be taken into account; Technical regulations and standards specify the specific characteristics of .B a product, such as size, shape, design, functions and performance, or how it is labelled or packaged before it is sold. In some cases, the way a product is manufactured may affect these properties, and it may then be more appropriate to design technical regulations and standards with respect to the process and methods of producing a product and not its properties per person. The TBT Agreement takes both approaches into account when defining technical regulations and standards (Annex 1). The WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (the „TBT Agreement”) establishes rules and procedures for the development, adoption and application of voluntary product standards, mandatory technical regulations and procedures (such as testing or certification) for determining whether a particular product complies with those standards or regulations. .