University Of Washington Community College Transfer Agreement

The Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) Associate Degree is designed to transfer to most Bachelor of Arts degrees at all 4-year colleges and universities in Washington State. The DTA is sometimes referred to as an Associate in Arts or Associate in the Arts and Sciences. Example: a student who has earned 30 semester points receives 45 quarterly points in the transfer to the UW. These degrees allow students to meet all or most of the general requirements of the lower service before changing. Depending on their degree, they may also meet lower requirements for their core subject. Meeting the UW requirements depends not only on the number of credits that have completed at least 180 points for most programs, but also on compliance with all university requirements and key requirements. Basic policy for the transfer and articulation between colleges and the articulation between public colleges and washington universities. Washington 45 is a list of general education courses. Popular and specialized schools as well as four-year public schools offer these courses. And most four-year schools accept that these courses meet the one-year education requirements. The largest number of credits that can be transferred is 45. Washington State colleges have degrees and agreements to facilitate transfer for students.

Schools offer a variety of pathways for students who wish to move from one school to another. Students of a: The Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) only guarantees admission to pre-major status, but does not promise admission to a particular school, program, or major within the university. Additional program or university requirements must be met to earn a bachelor`s degree. Students are responsible for verifying specific program requirements. Examples of courses that do not earn credit are: the DTA degree is transferred to all four-year public schools and many independent colleges in Washington. It includes general image courses from the lower departments, which most schools need. The University of Washington Bothell transfers credits on a course basis. Under the DTA, students who move from Washington State Community Colleges with associate (non-professional-technical) college degrees get the benefit of having met all or most of our general education requirements (Area of Knowledge).

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