Tenant Payment Arrangement Agreement

For more information on landlords and rentals of accommodation, including other options available to landlords during this challenging time, take a look at our full rental and rental suite here. In our highest efforts to provide critical communication to our investor owners like you, we are writing to keep you informed of our recent proactive efforts to process current or future payment agreements with your tenants. We understand that the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation may create unexpected challenges in housing accessibility. Some tenants may struggle to pay their rents now or in the near future. <> is linked to tenants in need. The late lease applies to any tenant who rents to his landlord. You can do this via email or taskboard: Please understand that we need to suspend our normal non-payment policies and offer flexibility and creative options during this pandemic. During this time, we need to balance both compassion and application, as we kindly ask for your grace, as we all work together through this situation.