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However, music remained JoJo`s first love, which was introduced to him by his family and nurtured by his mother Diane. JoJo remains very close to his mother, who is also his manager. „Even if you feel like as a teenager you can do anything,” she told Kidzworld, „you still need your parents.” JoJo remains modest and realistic when it comes to her age and admits she still has a long way to go. As she wisely told Know Your World Extra: „I think if you grow and your audience grows, you have to change and evolve.” While she admitted that her schedule was more than frenetic and that she lacked some „normal” things like hanging out with her friends, JoJo also admitted that she liked what „JoJo: Don`t Call Me Baby” is. BBC Radio News: Chart News (3 November 2004). 041103_jojo.shtml> (retrieved August 23, 2005). With the support of talk show host Oprah Winfrey (1954-), offers for JoJo began performing in various television programs and performing in a number of venues, including a Boston Celtics basketball game and the Republican National Convention. But her big breakthrough came in 2003, when she appeared on America`s Most Talented Kids, a talent show airing on television, which featured artists under the age of 15. An audience member introduced her to Vincent Herbert, producer and owner of Da Family Entertainment, who engaged the teenage singer to secure a record deal with Blackground Records. Maria Viktoria Mena was born on February 19, 1986 in Oslo, Norway. Like JoJo, both parents were musicians.

His father, Charles, was a drummer in a band and his mother was a playwright. .