Examples Of Successful Licensing Agreements

Setting up a licensing agreement can be challenging. Perhaps the most important step in ensuring success is the conclusion of due diligence. Licensors should take the time to explore and develop the product before proceeding with a licensing agreement. The fourth season of the animated series „Winx Club” will begin in spring 2009 in some major European countries and will be launched internationally until autumn 2009. Season 4 will launch a new licensing program with a trendy style guide to support the launch of a new Winx girl, Roxy and six new fairy animals. There will also be new release titles related to the fourth season. Winx Club launched an MMO game on the winxclub.com in the fall of 2009. Winx Club Movie was released internationally in 2008 and 2009 and a DVD will follow. For Maya, a monthly fashion magazine will be launched in the spring of 2009, followed by a second Mayan hardcover novel. The new property in the portfolio is the animated TV series „Huntik”, which was inaugurated worldwide in January.

The licensing program included the launch of a monthly comic book magazine, with a circulation of 120,000 copies in February, a package of characters sold in kiosks marketed in February and Panini stickers marketed this spring. Huntik trading cards begin in the summer of 2009, the toy line will debut at Christmas 2009, and DS, Wii and MMO-RPG game launches are planned for 2010. Retail partners include Carrefour, Auchan, Italy Toys Center, Italy API service stations, Sonae and Toys „R” Us. [A] written agreement between the owner/licensor of a patent, copyright, trademark, know-how, service mark or other intellectual property and a licensee for the use, manufacture or sale of copies of the original. Franchisors encourage the sale of goods and services through licensing agreements. The commercialization of technology is one of the main purposes of licensing agreements. These agreements generally limit (1) the scope or scope of the licensee, (2) make the license exclusive or non-exclusive, (3) impose royalties or other compensation when another license is granted by the licensee. Determine the property first. If you sell or purchase a license for a product, make sure that ownership of that product is clearly stated in the agreement. Also, make sure that no one else is using the asset (for example. B a trademark) and obtain that the trademark is registered or the registration of a copyright.

You don`t want to get into a license agreement and find out that someone else is questioning the property. All arm & hammer products are ennobbed with real arm & hammer. The licensing program includes HLK air filters that clean and cool the air. With a history in the market that dates back more than a decade, Arm & Hammer products can be found in most hardware, mass trade, drug and supermarket chains. While some brand licensing agreements are long-term necessities, others are short-term contracts with a strictly defined design and production period, especially when the branding is related to a big movie release or a highly anticipated game release. Entertainment/Character is the leading category in the huge global brand licensing landscape (over $270 billion in 2017). Since most licensed entertainment/character products are marketed to young consumers, synergy is less important than overall consistency. Black`s Law Dictionary defines licensing agreements as follows: Examples of successful trademark licenses anticipate and consider all eventualities. The licensing agreement allowed Starbucks to increase brand awareness outside of its North American operations through Nestlé`s distribution channels.

For Nestlé, the company has had access to Starbucks products and a strong brand imageBrand EquityIn marketing, brand value relates to the value of a brand and is determined by the consumer`s perception of the brand. . . .