Encore Surrounding Community Agreement

After Boston made an „aggressive legal effort” to obtain the status of host community of the Wynn project[28] because the only entrance on the street leads to the city of Boston (a small piece of Charlestown on the Mystic River of most of the neighborhood). The rejection of Boston`s complaint in November 2015[29] resulted in personal negotiations between Wynn and Boston Mayor Walsh. [30] [31] A „contract” between Steve Wynn and Walsh[32] was officially approved in February 2016 by the public gambling regulators[33], boston having reached an agreement with Wynn on the surrounding community. After that, boston`s legal counsel announced that „Wynn`s success from this point on is the success of the city of Boston and vice versa, and we look forward to our new relationship.” [32] „The contract that was exclusive with Mohegan was invalid and was no longer valid when the casino license was granted to Wynn,” Arrigo said. „It is understandable that there was a delay for the surrounding municipalities to apply for this name. For Revere, under the previous administration, the city had renounced this ability by the Gaming Commission. Although the city has not applied, we share a limit with Everett and it is unfair that some mistakes in the past prevent successful partnerships in the future. Still Boston Harbor President Bob DeSalvio said the „boat was sailing a long time ago” during the surrounding municipality`s discussions with the city of Revere. A surrounding EU agreement would allow Revere to receive compensation to mitigate the negative effects of Encore`s opening.

The city shares a border with Everett, which raises an obvious question: why doesn`t Revere have an agreement with Wynn Resorts? „If you look at other communities that share a border with Everett — Malden, Medford, Chelsea, Somerville and Boston — they all have an agreement with Wynn and have mitigation,” Arrigo said. „These local organizations will greatly benefit from the funds received,” Mayor Stephanie M. Burke said in a statement. „Whether it`s money for new Chromebooks for our elementary schools or the ability to maintain the Medford Seniors Mobile Mental Health Program by Mystic Valley Elder Services.