24 Month Agreement Cox

After several calls with managers, they finally agree to reduce my cable service to the standard and remove the extra channels as long as I return the fancy cable box. So I`m going to return the cable box, but there are two billing cycles and nothing changes my monthly bill price. It turns out that someone never finished my order at the other end. So 3 calls later, I am informed that they cannot close the mission because I have to go through here and replace the modem against the bottom. Yes, you got it on the bottom that didn`t work with my Smart TV. I could go further, but I think you understand the point. Long word short term, in the past I have had Direct TV, Charter and Comcast and more than 20 years of service. In 20 years, I`ve never had as many money problems as in the last 16 months with COX. Another problem was that at the time of purchasing the internet, the modem was weak and faulty and did not provide my brand new LG TV with adequate Wi-Fi power. Instead of offering to come to my house to solve the Wi-Fi problem, I was told that my new Smart TV was broken and that I had to take care of LG. After about 8 months of back and forth, a service employee finally came to my house and admitted and replaced the modem with a modem needed for the Smart TV.

Recently, I decided to make changes to my cable, so I decided to go down to the standard cable and remove the HBO/Showtime package. After 4 calls and about 6 transfers, I was told that I could not reduce my package, given that I am bound by a 2-year contract, and even the same contract that they said they could not meet it because the after-sales service agent used the wrong code. Instead of paying $145 a month, I got a bill for $244.21. Subscribers will abide by all Cox Agreements and understand that violations may result in suspension or termination of services. The Monday call again, it was said, anyone who has already set up my bundle service, did badly. .