Which Is Not An International Environmental Agreement Chapter 21

2. Give examples of three federal environmental agencies. 2. Describe several important international environmental meetings and contracts. 2. Identify how the decisions you make as a person can affect the environment. 5. Give an example of a private effort to address environmental issues. 4. Give an example of how citizens can influence environmental policy at all levels of government, at the local, national and national levels. The Tennessee Valley Authority was created to solve environmental and economic problems. Learn more about TVA. Are we really paying the true cost of the materials we use, or are we going to make our children pay? Connection to Social Studies: VAT: Finding Solutions Sustainable development is the use of natural resources for human needs in a way that saves the environment, produces these resources so that they can be used in the future.

Scientists argue that sustainable development has many benefits and preserves biodiversity, ensures future resources for economic stability, promotes greater efficiency and often reduces the effects of natural disasters. 1. Describe some of the challenges of achieving sustainability. Analyzing the Local Impact of Environmental Legislation Click here to read how those affected in Boston worked together to save their port from pollution.