Synergistic Agreement Meaning

The Arminians therefore have a position that can be summed up as follows: a man cannot turn alone to God. God grants all sinners a premeditated grace (prevenient means „coming before”). With this prevenient grace (or with its effects on the fallen man), a person is able to choose freely, to put faith in Christ or to refuse his salvation. If the person accepts it, then God justifies it and continues to give him more grace to heal and sanctify him spiritually. In response to Hendryx`s question as to whether the two individuals receive a predetermined grace and if only one thing is saved, the Armenian replied that the one who was released chose the faith, but had only the power to choose the faith because of prevenient grace, while the one who was not saved had the same help of the grace from the front and thus the same ability , but freely chosen not to have faith. Whether it is a synergy depends on its own definition. It differs, however, from semi-Pelagianism, which asserts that a man can begin to have faith without the need for grace. [25] Moreover, the Armenian could say that the person`s decision is not the cause of his salvation or loss, but that his free response to predatory grace is the reason for God`s free choice; The person`s decision does not limit God, but God takes it into consideration when he decides whether or not to perform the person`s salvation. An analogy can be seen in the fact that if Angela offers to pay a loan for Brian, Angela offers free. If Brian refuses, Angela could still decide to clear the loan (theoretically), and if Brian agrees, Angela still doesn`t have to pay him. On the contrary, Brian`s response informs Angela`s decision to pay the loan or not to repay it. Similarly, God takes into account as relevant information the person`s response to the Gospel, which is permitted by prior grace, when he freely decides whether he wants to save that person or not.

Therefore, the choice of the person does not work next to God. Shareholders will benefit from an increase in a company`s share price after the merger due to the synergistic effect of the agreement. The expected synergies of the transaction can be attributed to several factors such as increased revenue, combined talent and technology, as well as cost reduction. Steps through the agreement, when they formed the Synergistic Strategic Alliance: the Lutheran describes his soteriological position as a monergic redemption and synergistic damnation. [19] Through monergic salvation, Lutherans mean that the salvation of faith is the only work of the Holy Spirit, while man is always God`s uncooperative enemy (Rm 5, 8, 10). To support their understanding of synergistic damnation, they argue that the Scriptures repeat that man participates in God`s grace from the free gift of salvation and carries him (z.B Matthew 23:37, He. 12:25, Acts 7:51, John 16:9, Heb. 12:15, etc.).

Lutherans understand their views in contrast to Calvin`s monergist damnation and Arminie`s synergistic salvation; However, Calvinists would object to their views being called „monergist damnation” because they claim to agree with Lutherans and Armians that humanity is solely responsible for its sin and rejection of the global call to God`s conversion and salvation.