Quinsigamond Community College Transfer Agreements

QCC has agreements with four-year public institutions on the MassTransfer National Program, which offers guarantees of access to UMass state universities and campuses in Massachusetts. QCC also has a large number of articulation agreements with private colleges and universities throughout New England. Through these various agreements, QCC graduates are transferred to a number of university programs and can move towards their four-year degrees more easily, faster and more affordable. Transfer fairs are held every fall and spring semester. Representatives from more than 30 higher education institutions and universities are participating. Students are encouraged to participate in fairs to gather information and ask questions about transfer opportunities. You can find accurate information in The Q portal, Open Door newspaper, weekly emails from campus events, and flyers around campus. MassTransfer is a national network of agreements between Massachusetts colleges, Massachusetts State Universities and the University of Massachusetts Campus. Cara Freedman, Mark Hogan, Vu Nguyen and Chris Renfro, all members of the 2020 class, began their university trips to the QCC and recently had the opportunity to share their experience with other potential students – when Chapman was unable to attend an information fair for transfer students, they performed. Articulation agreements are formal contracts between QCC and four-year universities.

In general, these agreements set requirements that lead to the admission and portability of QCC teachers. For more information on scholarships, course equivalencies and other useful resources, visit Transfer Services under The Q. You will find a complete list of agreements in the transfer agreements. The transition to QCC from another college is simple and can be done in 4 stages: an articulation agreement is a formally approved agreement corresponding to the course work between the colleges. These are intended to help students move from a two-year university to a four-year institution or a four-year institution to obtain an advanced degree. „I often like to talk about my transfer experience anyway,” says Renfro, which has allowed him to easily answer questions and tell stories about his time in both schools. As a major in aeronautics and space, he knew that his options were WPI and MIT; After some research and interviews with professors and consultants, he had made his choice. „I knew WPI was where I wanted to go. I didn`t even apply for MIT. QCC students can benefit from a free course every semester at all colleges and universities in Worcester.

Students must be full-time (12 credits) to be eligible. For more information, please see the information on the cross-registration program. No no. Articulation agreements are the most valuable in disciplines where differences of opinion may arise on sequencing or the conditions of certain courses. Formal agreements are less important for programs such as The Liberal Arts, which lead to many different academic disciplines. Students receive information and quick answers to frequent transfer questions such as: – QCC courses important for transfer – How to choose colleges and majors – General stages of transmission – Deadlines, forms and admission requirements Articulation agreements are agreements between two (or more) universities or colleges that outline the rules for transferring an academic program or a particular diploma.