Miso Market Participant Agreement

Presentation of the OCC on the RTO proposal. Acted for InterGen in the development of proposals for presentation to The Commissioners of the Oklahoma Corporation and the preparation of stakeholder meetings on aspects related to market design and transfer pricing of RTO`s proposal. RTO training. Representing various clients in regulatory proceedings involving PJM RTO, including issues related to transmission planning and extension, long-term transportation rights, transfer pricing, interconnection procedures and agreements, costs and congestion fees, credit policies and the extension of PJM-RTO to a number of Midwestern utility companies. Market valuations. Represent a client in the comprehensive analysis of the largest utility in the Midwest to support this client`s efforts to formulate regulatory strategies for marketing the production of its generation of distributors in the region. SPP Integrated Market Place. In FERC, BP Wind Energy North America presents procedures to establish new market rules for the operation of wind projects and the allocation of congestion rights to point-to-point transmission customers. RTO training.

Acted for various clients in proceedings involving three proposed OVS (RTO West, California ISO and WestConnect), including governance issues, export costs, market design, congestion management techniques and ways to ensure access to all transmission lines in the region, including those owned by federal suppliers such as Bonneville Power Administration, Western Power Administration and other utilities. SER Type I is capable of providing a reserve of regulation, but no energy or emergency reserve, by storing and unloading electrical energy in the short term. Market participants can add or transfer a commercial price node to represent type I service in the market. Compensation for list offers. Representatives of the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) in deFERC procedures in relation to market rules for clearing generators whose failed offers are rejected by ISO-NE Forward Capacity Auctions due to local reliability requirements. The legal documents required for your organization are in the online registration tool. Download the listed documents, receive the necessary signatures and email them to: register@misoenergy.org. Regulatory assistance, business and processes for combined heat and electricity generation facilities. Represented Trigen-Nassau Energy Corp. in regulatory affairs, commercial agreements and litigation related to its 52 MW cogeneration in Long Island, New York, which provides refrigeration and heating services at a sports stage, hospital and jail in the county and sells electricity to the Long Island Power Authority.

The design of the market. Represented a coalition of NEPOOL generators when presenting a comprehensive proposal for the initial market organization, including a congestion management system and a multi-regulation system. Restrictions on PJM participation. The Lackawanna Energy Center in FERC proposed to PJM to limit the capacity of its production project in the PJM capacity market based on claims from a nearby system, which it is affected. Construction contract. Acted for Redbud Energy LP in the negotiation of a construction contract under the SPP tariff and related transfer credits. Rebuttal of the presumption of market power. While Dogwood Energy LLC successfully defended the presumption of market power and, therefore, the maintenance in its market of its market tariff power for wholesale electricity trade, resulting in an order from FERC which highlighted the case of market-based pricing in the context of independent electricity producers.