Bosch Quality Agreement

The statute of limitations for 1 quality defect is 66 months, except in cases of fraudulent misrepresentation, provided that the goods were used in the building, in photovoltaic installations or during the construction of a heating system after its usual use and its defects were caused. Otherwise, the statute of limitations for claims of defects is 36 months. The limitation period begins with the delivery of the product (risk transfer) or, if acceptance by us is necessary in the contract, when the receipt has been made. Longer statutes of limitations are a priority. As part of its business relationship with us, the supplier undertakes not to enter into agreements with other companies or to agree to joint practices with other companies seeking to prevent, restrict or distort competition under existing antitrust legislation. Clear rules and agreements make life easier. Supplier guidelines for logistics help improve relationships with suppliers. The software is subject to the additional purchase conditions for Robert Bosch GmbH`s software as well as the additional terms and conditions for products related to open source software (accessed in the download purchases and logistics section under Suppliers working in the execution of the contract on our factory site must comply with legal laws and regulations as well as operating regulations. The supplier is required to appoint a person responsible for the execution of the contract who guarantees the obligation of supervision and control. The supplier manager is required to inform the coordinator before carrying out the work in order to take appropriate security measures and to inform us and interested third parties of the reciprocal threats. Suppliers are responsible for the training and safety of their employees and subcontractors, as well as the safety of risks to third parties.

The supplier may only employ suitable and sufficiently qualified staff and safe working equipment on the factory premises. Accidents at the plant site should be reported immediately. The agreement on quality, safety and security, environmental protection and social responsibility for suppliers (quality assurance agreement), packaging specifications and logistics manual of Robert Bosch GmbH (which can be consulted in the field of procurement and logistics under are included in the contract. Our terms of purchase apply exclusively; The supplier`s terms and conditions that violate or deviate from our terms of purchase will only be accepted if we have expressly given them our written consent. The acceptance or payment of goods and services by the supplier (hereafter referred to as products) does not constitute an agreement, even if the acceptance or payment is made by means of conflicting or complementary contractual terms of the supplier. Similarly, all supplier terms that have been previously agreed, that are contrary to or complement these terms of purchase are no longer recognized. The supplier is required to inform us in a binding manner of the commercial origin or the required preferential origin. Therefore, within 21 days of our request, it issues a long-term supplier declaration for shipments of goods to the European Union, in accordance with the applicable EU regulations.