Agreement Dalam Hukum Internasional

International agreements certainly arise from the need to organize an object that stakeholders face together, and there must be parties who take the initiative to reach an agreement with another country. On the basis of their initiator, international treaties are divided into two groups, namely those whose birth or formation is initiated by countries or countries and/or international organizations. Judging by its substance, the loan agreement is essentially in the area of international civil law. Damos indicated, however, that with the postponement of the application of the legislation in the loan contracts, the department could no longer be used as a reference in its development. In the development of the IP Act, loan contracts are included as one of the international agreements, provided they comply with the requirements of the IP act. In other words, it is also possible that contracts with public-private constellations may be governed by international law. Although conventional, this agreement is still not subject to the IP act, because the constellation of parties that conclude the agreement does not allow to be governed by the IP law. But this phenomenon shows a progressive right in the field of international treaties. On the basis of this understanding, it can be described several elements or qualifications that must be respected in an agreement that must be qualified as an international treaty, namely: the word agreement, the subjects of international law, in the form of the letter, certain objects and governed by international law. [1] 2. Established by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia with foreign countries, international organizations or other subjects of international law; and the Charter reviews the rules established in international agreements, either in employment or within a specific body.

Charters can also be used as an additional instrument for the implementation of conventions. Normally, an organization would use them as a charter in its constitution. Contok`s most famous charter was the UN Charter in 1945. For example, by mentioning a clause in the treaty between Texaco and the Libyan government, which refers to the „principle of Libyan law common to the principles of international law and then.. according to and in accordance with the principle of common law” The use of the concept of international treaties, adapted to agreements that take place between countries or between international countries. In this way, we hope that this information can provide you with additional knowledge. Where an agreement contains a legal option clause concerning the law of a given country, it is guaranteed that such an agreement falls under international civil law and is therefore not subject to the provisions of the IP law. Other indications: In fact, there is a long debate between academics and practitioners about the status of loan contracts in the Indonesian legal system. What we are saying here is the simplest, easiest-to-understand answer. In some cases, loan contracts may be included in the field of international law and also in the field of international civil law. This conclusion is based on two considerations: whereas the ratification of international treaties, the material of which does not contain the material provided for in Article 10 of the international treaty, is then carried out by presidential decree on the basis of Article 11 of the International Treaty Act. 3.

Resuscitate public law rights and obligations (hereafter international law, VCLT 1963, 1986). Traktar is the most formal agreement and the agreement of two or more countries. The agreement covers economic and political areas in particular. What is normally included in the trakat is a general provision of the law, so it binds the country that signed it.