Adobe Acrobat Reader Dc License Agreement

2.6 Documentary copies. The Client may make copies of the documentation for his own internal use in connection with the use of the Software in accordance with this Agreement, but no more than the reasonably necessary amount. As authorized in a separate purchase document or documentation and subject to the licensing limits set out in this Agreement, the client may install the Software on a server only to allow a person to access and use the Software from a computer located within the same internal network („Network User”). The network user who has access to this software on the server is called the „server software user.” The total number of server software users (not the simultaneous number of users) should not exceed the number allowed. For example, if the client has purchased 10 licenses for software (the authorized number is 10) and the client chooses to install the software on a server, the client can only allow access to the software to 10 server software users (although the client may have more than 10 network users or less than 10 simultaneous users). 2.1.5 Dual Boat Platform. The software is allowed to be used on a specific operating platform. The customer must acquire a separate license to use the software on each operating platform. For example, if the customer wants to install the software on the Mac OS and Windows platforms on a device on which both platforms are run (i.e. a dual-start computer), the customer must first acquire two separate licenses for the software. This also applies when two versions of the software, each developed for a different operating platform, are delivered to the customer on the same medium.

16.2 Additional terms of use for software in advance. If the software is a pre-marketing version or beta software („pre-release software”), this section applies. Preversion software is not an Adobe end product and may contain errors, errors and other problems that can cause system errors or other errors and data. Adobe should never publish pre-release software commercially. If the customer received the preversion software in accordance with a separate written agreement, such as. B.dem Adobe Systems Incorporated`s licensing agreement for preversion software, the Customer`s use of the Software is also subject to the agreement. The customer will immediately return or dispose of all copies of the preversion software at Adobe`s request or after Adobe commercially releases the software. CUSTOMER USE OF PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE IS ON ITS OWN RISK. SEE SECTIONS 6 AND 8 FOR LIMITED WARRANTY AND LIABILITY ENSONEN LIMITATIONS FOR PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE. 14.3 Additional product conditions in advance. If the product you received with this license is a pre-marketing version or beta software („pre-release software”), the next section applies. To the extent that one provision in this section is at odds with another clause or condition of this agreement, this section replaces these other clauses and conditions relating to the preversion software, but only to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict.