Tory Rebels Withdrawal Agreement

In last weekend`s Telegraph, Johnson wrote that he was worried in recent weeks because negotiators thought there was a „serious misunderstanding” about the terms of the withdrawal agreement. „We now hear that if we do not accept EU terms, the EU will use an extreme interpretation of the Northern Ireland Protocol to impose an extended trade border in the Irish Sea,” he wrote. „Because these are two distinct paths: first, the withdrawal agreement that the UK has broken, and the next one will be the future relationship,” the diplomat said. Unlike Mr Hammond and Mr Gauke, Mr Grieve has been a high-level brexit rebel over the past two years – and he has opposed Theresa May`s withdrawal deal three times. „This is a very significant potential suspension of important parts of this agreement,” added Sir Simon. Prime Minister to grant the Commons vote on when powers are called upon to break the Anne Milton withdrawal agreements: She has kept a low profile since resigning as minister in July, but attended a meeting with other likely rebels in Westminster earlier on Tuesday. Downing Street says the bill is needed as an „insurance policy,” which would only be used as a last resort and would ensure that the Irish Sea will not create a rigid customs border if the EU tries to set conditions under the Northern Ireland Protocol, an important part of the Brexit withdrawal agreement. Mr Johnson met with some Downing Street rebels on Wednesday to agree on a compromise that would live up to their demands. The bill will return to the House of Commons next week when MPs debate clauses that give British ministers the power to repeal parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol. „This could convince the House of Commons, but not the EU,” said a senior EU diplomatic source, who said Brussels would examine the legal text as it turned out. „It`s still a violation of the withdrawal agreement, but it`s still an interesting development.” A second senior EU official said the UK still wanted to „negotiate with a gun on the table, but not with a single shot.” The statement stated that there was a „near-unanimous agreement” within the party that the government „can use these powers as a last resort, that there must be legal certainty and that no further changes to those powers are necessary.” It comes after rebels joined the opposition on Tuesday in supporting a motion paving the way for a law that delays Britain`s withdrawal date.