Third Party Reliance Agreement

If, for the elements of the CDD, a third party is given confidence, the financial institution must ensure that the credentials required by the third party are adequate and correct. In addition, information on CDDs must be provided immediately to FIAMLA, in accordance with Section 17D, although documents may be provided at a later date upon request. (a) a third-party-based financial institution must obtain immediately the necessary information on the elements covered in Recommendation 10 (a) -c) of cdS actions. Where a financial institution depends on a third party belonging to the same financial group and (i) applies this group in accordance with Recommendations 10, 11 and 12, in accordance with Recommendations 10, 11 and 12, and anti-money laundering and terrorist financing programmes, in accordance with Recommendation 18 CDD and Registration Requirements; and (ii) when the effective implementation of these CDD and registration requirements and AML/CFT programmes is monitored at the group level by a competent authority, the competent authorities may consider that, as part of its group programme, the financial institution applies the measures referred to in both B and c) and may decide that (d) is not a necessary condition for dependency if the risk of a higher country is adequately mitigated by the group`s amL/CFT policy. Countries may allow financial institutions to rely on third parties to implement elements a-c) of the CDD measures covered in Recommendation 10 or to establish transactions, provided the following criteria are met. Where such an agreement is acceptable, ultimate responsibility for CDD actions remains within the purview of the third-party financial institution. 3) The term „third party” refers to financial institutions or DNFBP that are controlled or controlled and meet the requirements of Recommendation 17. (c) if necessary, you have obtained all consents and authorizations necessary to allow you, or any other third party, to provide the KYC documents to TMF, and that you agree to provide the TMF with copies of all consents and/or authorizations within twenty-four (24) hours after obtaining the same consent and/or authorization. As part of their anti-money laundering and terrorist financing obligations, financial institutions are required to perform customer diligence (CDD) by identifying and verifying a client`s identity. Inadequate or unsuitable CDD measures can expose a financial institution to serious risks such as reputation, operation, law and regulation and result in significant financial costs to the institution. To help them perform their exercises properly in CDD, financial institutions can count on third parties. 8.3 You have a written agreement with each imported entity that authorizes and instructs you to act as an authorized agent and to instruct TMF for and on behalf of the imported entity that TMF can rely on for the provision of RORA services.

8.39 You compensate TMF for all shares, claims, fees (including all legal costs), receivables, charges, commitments and procedures that create MMTs directly under or in connection with the use of insurance and guarantees regarding your identification procedures, the system for verifying and retaining up-to-date information and documents, and the provision of KYC documents to TMF on request, in accordance with the information and documents provided in this application.