Learning Agreement Ua

Una vez que el coordinador de la UA firme y selle elektrina y digitalmente el acuerdo de aprendizaje online, y lo largo de todo su periodo de intercambio, los estudiantes pueden generar su documento de Learning agreement (formato pdf), y guardar o printer este documento desde su UACloud Campus Virtual: Once IRO receives the request for accommodation, the type of accommodation required is booked. When NLU housing is over-budgeted, assistance is offered to find alternative housing (i.e. rooms and/or housing in the private sector). Upon receipt of an application for study and a curriculum, the faculty concerned is informed and the apprenticeship agreement is prepared for approval by the coordinator of the competent faculty. It is only when the faculty accepts the curriculum required in the apprenticeship agreement that the International Relations Office prepares acceptance documents and a student soon receives a letter of acceptance, a learning agreement signed by the NLU Faculty Coordinator, accommodation communications (if they wish) and other details on arrival and studies. Guideline ec.europa.eu/dgs/education_culture/repository/education/opportunities/higher-education/doc/learning-studies-guidelines_en.pdf It is only when the learning agreement is approved online by the AU Academic Coordinator that a PDF Learning Agreement can be created with an electronic and digital signature of the UACloud virtual campus: the university encourages academic mobility of students and teachers on the basis of bilateral collaboration agreements with foreign educational institutions in different countries. The Apprenticeship Agreement is the document that defines AU subjects that wish to be validated by the host university courses. The coordinator of each qualification can guide you in its implementation and specify which topics can conclude the agreement and by which you can validate. The apprenticeship agreement includes a list of courses that students wish to study at the University of Alicante.

Learning Agreement Form: ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/sites/erasmusplus/files/files/resources/learning-studies_en.pdf The student receives an email when the AU coordinator verifies the online learning agreement. During the application process, you should formulate a specific curriculum. To approve this program of study, you must establish an apprenticeship agreement. The learning agreement includes the courses you want to take and the ectS points you are awarded. To help you choose your courses, we have compiled an overview of all the English courses of the different faculties. Students may choose courses in faculties other than their own, but these are limited to two courses per faculty and subject to authorisation. The deadlines for making changes are: SICUE university convention: 1 month of creation at the target center. Erasmus Apprenticeship Contract: until 1 November for first semester students and until 1 March for second semester students. If you start your reception studies after March 1, the deadline can be extended for up to one month from the beginning of the semester if we report. After your stay, you must carry a copy of the apprenticeship or final contract contract with all the signatures for mobility and UA mobility of the EPS.