Four Agreements Ebay

It`s a great book. Four chords. It`s going to change your life. In this book, it`s about how to live your life. To eliminate the negativity we learned through our own domestication. All the lies and lies planted in our subconscious, our parents buy at our schools through religions. This book is about love. How to live and love. Happiness is a state of mind. We all have the power to make our own happiness. The simple book reveals these secrets. It is the power to control one`s mind to create your own happiness on a daily basis.

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote, „A book of inspiration with many great lessons.” Very easy to read, not complicated to follow, with a great guy. Lots of good practical information that can be used now or in the future. The four chords: 1) Be immaculate with your words. 2) Don`t take anything personal 3) Don`t make assumptions 4)Always do your best. In the world of personal development, you will soon learn that the life I live right now is a direct result of the words I say to myself and others. Before my words are uttered, they begin with my thought. And believe me, if you are able to change your way of thinking, you can certainly change the results they see in their lives. I agree with the author of this book that it is beyond reproach with your words.

Our words have the ability to speak certain positive things in existence and change life for the better or destroy life with gossip and imprecise information. The second agreement, Don`t take anything personal is also very accurate. When I studied my own life and saw how I personally took things many times and made an error of judgment. The right thing to do, if you make a mistake in judgment, is to admit that you were wrong to admit it immediately and move on. The third agreement is not to make assumptions. It`s probably the only agreement I always break the most, because I`m not blameless with my words and I`m not patient with myself and with others. Assuming I don`t base my decision on the truth, but on the lack of information and communication with these things and the people around me. The last point is to do your best. In conclusion, the author summed up this whole process as follows: „We will not always be blameless with every word, but do your best. We will still take things personally from time to time, try not to do and do their best. We will make assumptions from time to time to do your best and try not to do it. If we do our best, things generally work for the best.

To conclude this book is very precise on the four agreements. It gives you good ideas and can also help you improve personally. If you read this short but very powerful book, you`ll all be better off for it. It`s a great job!!! См. весь отзыв доставка: + 2 934,76 руб. доставка . . . This book, in its compact and easy-to-wear size, contains a practical, life-changing wisdom, which author Ruiz teaches about his former Toltec roots.